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Wednesday 08 May 2019

Not Today's Yesterday: Questions Of Revisionist & Airbrushed Histories Probed @ Brighton Festival Show

Not Today's Yesterday, the highly topical dance/theatre production will be performed by Bharatanatyam (Classical Indian) dancer Seeta Patel, at the Theatre Royal Brighton, as part of the Brighton Festival, on May 23rd. 

The premise of this sharply observed one-woman show stems from concerns that revisionist and airbrushed histories have become a central issue of tension throughout the world, in particular in Western democracies.  

"History is being dressed up to make a more readily acceptable narrative for us to consume to the detriment of diverse voices and stories being heard," says Seeta. 

Created by the award-winning artists Seeta Patel and Lina Limosani , Not Today's Yesterday asks probing questions via a mixture of movement, music and text - 

- what is cultural identity versus perceived identity; what is one person's version of the past compared with another's? - 

- how does the view of history affect the view of a culture and how does the disinformation affect progress and understanding? 

Seeta Patel adds: "When I was studying Bharatanatyam, I was never told about its actual history.  

"We learned about its mythical origins but it wasn't until I was an adult that I delved deeper and discovered much more.  

"It was this whitewashing of Bharatanatyam's history that led me to look wider at other histories which opened up a huge subject matter that connected many cultures around the world.

"I love Lina's creative use of theatre and intricate movement to drive dark narratives, and I was really interested in seeing how we could push each other's skills.  

"The visuals are very important and we've used stark and visceral imagery through the set design.  

"Lina also created a compelling sound design which works perfectly with the narrative using existing music and sound scapes to underpin and guide the emotional journey of the story."

Not Today's Yesterday offers audiences a chance to engage in an ongoing, international and relevant conversation about what's happening in today's arena of worldwide politics, and how it's even more important for the millions of voices and perspectives of people to be heard, considered and acknowledged as valid with pluralistic society. 

Not Today's Yesterday at Theatre Royal Brighton on 23rd May 2019. To book tickets CLICK HERE.

by: Mike Cobley


Taking a break from her day job in Vermont indie folk trio Mountain Man, Molly Sarlé's new solo direction sees her making lush, widescreen folk pop with a warm West Coast feel; a direction recently revealed in new track, This Close:

In Emily Brontë's classic novel, romance and passion are accompanied by revenge, ghosts and death — it is definitely not just a love story between Cathy and Heathcliff.
Credit Tom Woollard

Two of the UK's most innovative theatre companies, Gecko and Mind the Gap, have announced a co-production called A Little Space, which will visit The Old Market in Brighton, this December.

The Alzheimer's Society has called on MPs across the South East to support a dedicated Dementia Fund to end the 'financial punishment' faced by people living with dementia

Having been described as the missing link between Joy Division and Pendulum, London-based Pumarosa are a band opening their doors of perception on to pastures new.

One Eyed Jacks was Spear of Destiny's second release on the major label Epic Records. For many original fans this is the band's seminal album.

Brighton-based singer-songwriter Hayley Ross is an outlier, a one-off, a self-starter and quiet disruptor who refuses to be pinned down. 

Hospital Radio is an ode to the NHS and the staff that have helped Mystery Jets' lead singer Blaine Harrison, who has spent a large portion of his life relying on local hospitals due to having Spina Bifida. 

First the sad news. Into The Punset - which visits East Sussex, later this year - is the farewell tour of UK-based Canadian gag master Stewart Francis. The great news is that he's promising to go out with a show that proves he's at the peak of his punchline-making powers

Based on the British Book Awards Biography of the Year, Toast is a new play based on Nigel Slater's award winning autobiography. 

Sam Fender, who plays Brighton Dome later this year, has released Will We Talk?, the final single to drop ahead of the release of his forthcoming debut album. 

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