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Monday 15 April 2024

Review: Happy Mondays & Inspiral Carpets & Stereo MCs @ Brighton Dome Concert Hall

In the late 80s Manchester briefly became Madchester, writes Beat The Clock record shop owner, Stuart Avis. Spearheading the movement were the Happy Mondays, who headlined Brighton Dome Concert Hall, on Sunday, bringing with them friendly rivals Inspiral Carpets and London's boat-missers, Stereo MCs.
Credit Andy Sturmey

Due to the popularity of that society-reconfiguring device known as the mobile phone, at least one Stereo MCs' song is firmly lodged into memory cells across the nation. 

Those less fortunate will remember at least two, good luck spotting the differences between them though. 

However, after thirty-plus years of not being able to stand them, here comes the really annoying bit - they are fucking brilliant live! 

The songs are injected with a life on stage absent from their early 90s' Radio 1 saturating yawns. 

The percussion packs a punch you can feel in your chest, with basslines that threaten to hit the "brown note" any second. 

Vocalist, Rob Birch, may well have a painting in his loft, if not the full Dorian Gray then at least his vocal cords. 

The backing vocalist is never named, but is a complete show of her own. In fact, it's something of a disservice to call someone with that level of stage presence, and a voice dripping with power and personality, simply a backing vocalist. 

It's tempting to remove the first few lines regarding them, but I'll leave them for perspective.  

If this is the impression they can carve on someone that's, shall we say, never been a fan, those that have would be foolish to miss them next time around. Well played Stereo MCs, you finally got me.

With that gauntlet confidently thrown down, Inspiral Carpets had the unenviable task of raising the bar. Fortunately, the Inspirals are one of the reasons the 80s ended on a high and the 90s took flight with a promising start. 

Messy sound hampered the first three songs, but was salvaged in time for the anthemic, Two Worlds Collide.  

This is where they have it nailed - the psychedelic-tinged indie anthem. And they kept coming. 

Roof-lifting singalongs for the sublime This Is How It Feels and, set closer, Saturn 5, are life affirming. 

Elsewhere they effortlessly tackle the garage-end of psyche with raw power. Whilst there's no longer a full compliment of original Inspirals on stage, a great band playing great songs is still a great band playing great songs. 

The Happy Mondays are the final stop for the Dome's DeLorean to Madchester, and here's the weirdest thing of the whole night - Shaun Ryder is in fine voice.Yep, damn fine voice in fact. 

He shouldn't be. Hell, he shouldn't even be alive, but here he is sounding better than ever. 

A trip through their back catalogue, interspersed with Gogglebox-esque interactions between Ryder and long-standing wingman, Bez, keep smiles firmly on faces and feet constantly moving. 

The hits invariably introduce a sea of phones filming in portrait but, for once, no one is paying attention to, what is essentially, filming the phone in front as they move in unison to the Monday's unique blend of house music and 80s NME indie, whilst redefining both. 

Incredibly, we're also celebrating Bez's 60th birthday. How anyone from the Happy Mondays has survived to enter their seventh decade defies all logic, but here they are, still doing it, and still doing it in fine style

by: Stuart Avis


Credit Jo Charlesworth

With over fifty speakers, Charleston's annual summer highlight Festival of the Garden brings together garden designers, horticulturalists, artists, activists, ecologists, writers and musicians to disentangle our complex relationship with the land. 

Art on the Streets, a documentary co-created by University of Brighton design historian Dr. Harriet Atkinson will be shown as part of Tate Britain's upcoming exhibition, Artists International – The First Decade. 
Credit: Clive Flint

Create Music, in partnership with West Sussex Music, have been appointed by Arts Council England to deliver music education across Sussex as part of the newly formed Sussex Music Hub.

Comedian Paul Whitehouse is to reprise his West End starring role at Brighton Dome, in December, as the lovable Grandad in the hit show Only Fools and Horses The Musical.

A new musical version of Dodie Smith's classic book 101 Dalmatians will visit Theatre Royal Brighton for Christmas 2024, from Tuesday 17th December 2024 to Sunday 5th January 2025, as part of a major new UK Tour.
Credit Claire Leach

Circus performers arrived in Brighton to promote Brighton Festival's Carnesky's Showwomxn Sideshow Spectacular, an upcoming outdoor event which celebrates the forgotten women of circus and the city's history of seaside variety.

LGBTQ+ historian Alf Le Flohic unearths forgotten stories of a gay B&B, a zoo bar, and a legendary farm disco in a talk for Chichester Pride. 
Credit Conrad Shawcross

New images of a solo exhibition by British artist and sculptor Conrad Shawcross at Glyndebourne Festival 2024 have been released. The exhibition opened on the first day of the annual summer opera festival, which marks its 90th anniversary in 2024. 
Credit: Tony Briggs

Cop-turned-comedian Alfie Moore, star of his hit BBC Radio 4 comedy series, It's a Fair Cop, brings his stand-up tour show A Face for Radio to Hove's The Old Market, this June.
Credit Jim Carey Photography

Horsham Children's Parade is set to return on Sunday 7th July 2024. Hundreds of children from across the Sussex district will showcase their creations and costumes made in workshops with professional community artists.

Credit: Hamish Hamilton Children's Books

A new exhibition featuring never-seen-before items and artworks from one of the UK's most beloved author illustrators – Raymond Briggs - is now running in the part of East Sussex that he made his home.
Credit: Darina

At this moment in time for Brighton-bound Another Sky, there are maybe three certainties in this life: death, taxes, and rage. White-hot rage that takes you inwards, deeper into yourself, your fears, all the hidden truths you desperately tried to keep quiet while finding yourself. 

University of Brighton graduate Matt Reed is the artist behind a new technology bringing the rich history of the coastal town of Bognor Regis to life.
Credit Steve Ullathorne

Malawian-born stand-up comedian Daliso Chaponda did his first solo show Feed This Black Man twenty years ago in Canada, the show saw him dissect the way Africans were always portrayed as starving, negative stereotypes that were all supported by charities.  

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