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"It's nobody's business what anybody drinks. It's nobody's business how long they stay up, where they go when they stay up .. Once that gets stripped away, the last vestige of human dignity is gone, right?” (Shane McGowan). by: Mike Cobley
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Featuring: Noel McKoy_Nu Civilisation Orchestra

Marvin Gaye's seminal album, What's Going On, was released 50 years ago this year and to celebrate the anniversary, Nu Civilisation Orchestra (NCO) will perform its own homage at Brighton Dome on Saturday 30 October.

Set in a coastal town in 1970s England, Barun Rai and the House on the Cliff tells the story of a young couple who move in to their dream house in a sleepy village, unbeknownst to a supernatural force gripping the area and leading to a mysterious spate of suicides.

Can you imagine what it would have been like to navigate your teenage years without a supportive family? Or, worse, that your home wasn't a safe place to be? 
Credit Tony Fletcher

There had to be more to life than this: the path well trodden and the one-way road to adult Armageddon. And for an excitement/idealistic driven bunch of then just turned-teenage schoolboys there was a way out of the everyday mundane.

Artist and actor Rebecca Grant launches her new work at her upcoming exhibition of boats called the Set Sail Collection at the Brett Galleries in Midhurst, West Sussex, next month. Her previous work has sold all over the world including Paris, New York & London.
Credit Nika Neelova

Silt is a new body of work by Russian born artist Nika Neelova - due to take place at the Brighton Centre for Contemporary Arts (Brighton CCA) - which examines our cultural and physical relationship to water. 

Ministry of Sound has sent out an invite to those from Brighton and beyond to relive the greatest dance music of all time with a new live concert at the De La Warr Pavilion in Bexhill, on Friday 26th November 2021. 
Credit Amartey Golding

Artist Amartey Golding's largest work to date - which will be on display at Brighton's Attenborough Centre for Creative Arts, next month - encompasses an ornate handcrafted garment, two films and a photographic series that applies rituals of healing to the concept of White British Trauma. 
Credit Ross Shewry-Maryan

A deputy headteacher from Hastings raised over £1,500 for the NSPCC by taking part in the London Marathon.
Is It Crap? (2021) Pilot Episode

Only half of the British public currently engage with art institutions. What happens when 'the other half' come face to face with contemporary art and tell us what they really think?

The UK's biggest city-wide beer festival, Tap Takeover, will return to Brighton this month, following a two year hiatus.
Credit Carlotta Luke

The latest stage in the refurbishment of Brighton Dome Corn Exchange has seen the completion of extensive repairs to keep the 200 year-old Grade I listed building safe, and preserved as part of the city's history.

Brighton-based Holiday Ghosts mine the works of eras past to cast the best of artists such as The Kinks, Violent Femmes, Alex Chilton and Modern Lovers as a backdrop onto which they deconstruct myriad social issues.

Award-winning songwriter Scott Matthews was forced to scale a musical Everest due to Covid-19, setting himself the challenge of writing his very first electronica album.

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